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I have been retired almost a year, and have enjoyed doing my favorite things, like needlework, rug making, quilting, watercolor painting and photography. I have been married for 47 years and am now the caregiver to my husband suffering from Alzhiemer Disease. He is losing is battle now, after 8 years. So sad to watch him drift away. I am also raising my grand daughter, now age 12. I have had her for the last 6 years, She keeps life interesting, and it is fun to share my hobbies with her. My grand mother and mother taught me, so now that I have a girl I get to help her. FUN.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Key Fob

18 ct aida   ivory with varigrated dmc floss
design found at www.gancedo.ec
   one of many blue tiles
28 ct China Pear Luguna
varigraited  floss by dmc
my own design

These are two more of my key fobs
that I'm making for gifts.  I started using 
one of my scissor fobs and can't
believe how easy it is to find my keys.